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Chellaston Resin Driveways Contractor Experts - Find Resin Bound Driveway Installation Experts in the Derbyshire DE73 6 area

Are you considering restoring the external area of your Chellaston home? Driveways are one of the absolute best ways to deliver your exterior space a stunning look. Derby Driveway Pros, are experts, specialising in high quality tarmac, resin and block paving driveways, all at an affordable price!
We have many years of hands on experience and over the years we have refined our skills to guarantee that every driveway product we provide is of the highest achievable standard.

Why Select Us For Your Chellaston Driveway?


  • Our firm will only provide the finest materials for all of our installations
  • We are a strongly rated licensed contractor in the area
  • We are a highly rated contractor in the area
  • All our installations include a minimum 5 year guarantee and are completely insured

Our services

Chellaston Resin Driveways Contractor Experts - Find Resin Bound Driveway Installation Experts in the Derbyshire DE73 6 area

1. Tarmacking existing concrete driveways
Do you own a concrete driveway and wish to get it a tarmac overlay? Look no further. Driveways Derby have skills in making tarmac overlays on old concrete driveways in Derby.

However, our team will initially take into account the current state of the concrete driveway before creating the overlay. If it has splits or is serverely damaged, we mend it before the tarmac is laid.

2. Extending existing driveways
If you own an existing block paving or tarmac driveway that remains in excellent condition, well then it can easily be extended. Our driveway pros will undertake a thorough inspection of the existing driveway to make sure that it can be extended and deliver a finish that matches the existing driveway.

3. Customising a tarmac driveway
As tarmac driveway contractors in Derby, we provide a wide range of designs and colours that mix well with the environment while providing your driveway an attractive look. This includes adding colours, bricks or tiles to the borders to create a decorative look.

We work with all our clients to comprehend their needs and guarantee that we meet them on a timely basis. We take pleasure in our team who have the capabilities to add specific features to tarmac driveways to supply the absolute best end product. We assure you the best end results after the customisation is complete.

4. Chellaston Drive Way Repairs and maintenance.
Block Paving might require specific blocks to be repaired overtime as standard depreciation takes place over the years. We recommend taking an annual inspection just to make sure the driveway remains fit for purpose. Throughout the summer, adding herbicide will prevent all those annoying shoots from flourishing and the roots breaking the mortar in between the blocks..

Tarmac is a strong wearing surface that requires very little maintenance. We recommend cleaning down your tarmac driveway at least twice a year with weed killer and surface treatment.

For any queries regarding driveways in Chellaston, give us a call on 07401 479 527
We offer the best customer services to all our clients at an affordable price.

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