What are the Benefits of Resin Bound Patios in Long Eaton?

With summer less than a month away, you might be thinking about making the most your garden’s beautiful weather. A patio can transform a garden. It will create an outdoor living area that is functional and beautiful where you can relax, socialize and enjoy the sunlight. A resin bound patio is a good choice because of its amazing properties. It is not only attractive, but it is also very durable and sustainable. You will find many benefits to a resin bound outdoor patio.

Resin Bound Patios - An attractive and decorative finish

A resin bound patio is more attractive than any other type of surface. Elite Resin Drives can offer a wide range of colors and patterns for resin bound patios throughout Chesterfield, Doncaster and Sheffield. We make it easy for our customers to design a surface that best suits their needs. There are many design options that can be created to create the perfect outdoor space. Many commercial customers add their logos on their resin patios. This helps them stand out among the crowd. You can combine different natural stone types to create the patio you desire.

Durable and long-lasting

You can expect a resin bound patio to last several years. Resin is extremely durable and will not wear easily. Elite Resin Drives has built a strong reputation for installing resin bound patios over many years. You can expect a resin patio to last 10 years, but we do not offer this guarantee. Resin patios can last up to 25-years if properly maintained.

Many people are curious if resin-bonded patios can be as strong as resin bound. But it is important that you note that bound patios are much stronger and last longer. Bonded is 3mm thicker, and the thickness of bound surfacing is 16.

Low Maintenance

A resin bound patio will not need to be cleaned every weekend. Some maintenance is necessary but it’s usually not too much. A stiff brush and a scrubber can be used to remove leaves, debris, and prevent moss growing. A regular jet wash can be used to remove any stains or foreign bodies. The team can provide expert advice for maintaining your resin patio. We offer amazing aftercare so that your patio will remain in top condition long after installation.

Weed resistant

Resin bound patios have one of the greatest advantages: they are resistant to weeds. This porous surface doesn’t retain water. Water is therefore prevented from reaching organic matter. This prevents roots from growing through patio surfaces. Because resin patios are made of one continuous surface, there are less places for weeds. Concrete and paving slabs are more susceptible to weeds than concrete. Unsightly weeds won’t ruin the beauty of your patio.

Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) compliant

The 2008 legislation passed by the government stated that any paving greater than 5m in front of a residential property must be permeable. Any non-permeable surfacing will require planning permission. A resin bound stone is a good choice for patios at the front of your residence. The Environmental Agency has certified resin bound patios to be Sustainable Urban Drainage. This means that they help to prevent flooding by reducing surface water runoff. A resin bound patio will be less susceptible to flooding than other types.

UV stable resin

The resin used to hold the aggregates in place is UV stable. This is why resin bound patios are so popular. This material is resistant to sunlight damage. This prevents the material from deteriorating and becoming discolored over time. The resin bound patio can retain its attractive look for many years unlike other surfacing types.

Anti-slip properties

Resin bound patios are anti-slip. This ensures that guests and you are safe in your outdoor space. This type of surfacing has no loose stones. This is due to how we combine and then trowel aggregates and resin. This gives resin patios a smooth, flat finish that is very safe. You can fit wheelchairs or pushchairs into them. This is especially helpful in commercial settings like restaurants, cafes, or bars where it is important to make sure everyone feels welcome and included. Resin patios can be used as outdoor seating to accommodate all customers.

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