Why should I choose resin bound paving for Long Eaton?

The permeable resin bound paver market has seen a significant increase in recent years due to increased flooding and public awareness about flood prevention.

As resin bound paving is more in demand, there has been an increase in sub-standard installations. It is frustrating that this leads to a poor reputation for premium paving products, which when properly installed will last over 25 years.

Because it is still a new product, it is one of very few trades in construction without a governing body, Trade Association, or even a website. Furthermore, the Paving Expert website is the only place you can go to for independent advice about resin bound Paving.

Our vision of clear resin bound paving was revolutionized nearly 22 years ago. We are proud to say that our staff remain as enthusiastic and passionate about the product today as Peter and Kevin were when they founded Elite Resin Drives in 1997.

So here they are – 10 really good reasons to choose resin bound paving…

  1. It’s permeable. The stone has been cold mixed on site, using a process that covers every piece of stone with resin. This forms a 3D structurally stable matrix. There are tiny gaps that allow water to pass through during the laying process.
  2. It’s visually pleasing. Resin bound paving is durable, practical, and versatile.
  3. It is resistant to all weather conditions.
  4. It is long-lasting and durable: Resin bound pavers are a long-lasting, durable surface. Although guarantees range from 10 to 21 years, if properly maintained and installed, they can last up to 25 years.
  5. It doesn’t require any maintenance. There are no weeds to weed or loose stones to sweep. You can keep it looking new by brushing it regularly and using a power washer occasionally.
  6. It acts as a natural filter: As rainwater or surface water seeps through it, a natural filtration occurs. This reduces or eliminates impurities caused by oil and metals.
  7. It reduces standing and pond water, which in turn decreases flash flooding and surface water run-off.
  8. It is SuDS compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). This water management system was created by the Environment Agency to manage flood risk and improve water quality.
  9. It decreases the heat island effect. Heat islands occur because concrete and asphalt absorb heat and store it. Permeable Paving allows the soil below to breathe, which reduces surface temperatures.
  10. Planning permission not required: Areas less than 5m2 and new surfaces that are permeable have been exempted from planning permission since 2008 by government legislation.

They are more affordable than traditional paving options, which...

  • Are impermeable
  • Look more industrial
  • Not weather-resistant
  • You have a very short functional life span
  • Require more maintenance
  • You can create puddles to contribute to flash flooding
  • They are not SuDS-compliant (a water management system designed by the Environment Agency to reduce flood risk and improve water quality) and will require planning permission.
  • Keep heat in the body and increase heat island effects

Because of its many advantages over traditional paving, resin bound paving is an attractive alternative to traditional paving. Resin-bound paving is made using natural aggregates from Europe. Elite Resin Drives’s UV stable, polyurethane epoxy resin enhances and maintains the natural appearance. It’s an attractive alternative and can be customized to suit your needs. Elite Resin Drives offers a range of colours for resin bound Paving. This gives you the freedom to choose the perfect colour and texture that suits your project.

Why is it unique?

There are many reasons people choose resin bound paving over other paving techniques. Here are some examples:

  • It’s permeable. That means it doesn’t puddle in wet weather.
  • It looks great. Resin bound pavement can be made to match your home, business or driveway.
  • It is practical, durable and versatile. Resin bound paving can be used on a variety surfaces and for different purposes.
  • It’s resilient to various weather conditions. It is resistant to freezing in the winter and will not fade under the sun during the summer.
  • It can last for over 25 years. That’s a lot of money and long-lasting.
  • It does not require much care.
  • It is a flat surface that doesn’t have any loose stones. This makes it ideal for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Resin Bound Pavers are a great choice! Resin bound paving is a great choice for paving. It will make your life much easier and your property look better.

How is resin bound paving made?

The process can be complex and Elite Resin Drives is well-versed in it.

The unique cold mixing process we use ensures that every piece of stone is covered in resin. This forms a structurally strong 3D matrix. This mixture of stones includes natural aggregate, marble and recycled materials.

It is important that resin bound paving is tightly packed to ensure its durability and long-term performance.

This system incorporates natural aggregates, marble or other recycled materials along with clear resin. Every single one of these tiny stones gets coated with resin. Once all the pieces are cured, they can be laid on the base. Then, they can be smoothed to form the flat, smooth surface resin bound pavement.

After the surface is laid, the final depth can range between 12mm and 24mm, depending on the type of stone used and its function. Different depths will be required for driveways or public spaces such as playgrounds.

Did you know?

Elite Resin Drives resin bound Paving comes with a 21 year guarantee. This guarantee is valid when the paving has been installed by either our Installation Team or an Elite Resin Drives Global Partner. This guarantee is offered because we are so confident in our product’s quality:

  • Loose Stone
  • Cracking
  • Oil damage
  • Softening
  • Colours can change
  • Frost damage
  • Workmanship

Questions to know if resin paving is for you?

This article can help you to ask the right questions if you are considering investing in resin paver. You can easily find out if resin-paving is the right choice for you by asking the right questions.

Let’s begin by saying that resin paving can be used on many surfaces. It is durable, attractive, and comes in a variety of styles.

Question 1: What is your budget?

Budget is one of the most important things to think about when planning for a project like resurfacing driveways or common areas. The first thing you should ask is “What is my budget?” Resin pavers are not the most expensive option for surface surfaces. Resin pavers are a durable, attractive and customizable option that offers many benefits over other paving options.

To find out if resin paving fits within your budget, get a quote. We offer free quotes and there is no obligation.

Question 2: Are you having problems with planning permission?

You won’t have to worry about planning permissions for other types if resin paving. In fact, the new 2008 government legislation has made it clear that planning permission is not required for any areas less than 5m2 if the surface is permeable. Permeable resin paving doesn’t require planning permission. This is great news for anyone who has had problems with resin paving.

Question 3: Have you been having problems with flooding?

We live in the UK where the weather is often wet. Many homes and driveways suffer from flooding and damage. Resin paving can be permeable, which greatly reduces flooding and water gathering on surfaces. When laying resin paving, tiny cracks are left that allow water to drain.

Question 4: Do you want to make a long-term investment?

Resin pavers are a smart investment for your driveway and property. Resin Paving can last over 25 years. It is also extremely long-lasting, and offers great value.

Question 5: Do you have time for maintenance?

Resin paving is a great choice if you are short on time and want a flooring/surface that requires minimal maintenance. Many people want something that requires little maintenance and doesn’t need constant care or upkeep. If you feel like this, resin paving might be for you. Elite Resin Drives has a 21-year guarantee for resin bound paving. The guarantee covers: cracking, oil damage or softening; colour change and frost damages; loose stone.

Would your property benefit from a new, state of the art resin patio, path or driveway in Long Eaton? Contact us for a no obligation quote on 07868 213 099. You can also email us [email protected] or visit our website www.derbydrivewaypros.co.uk